September 12, 2022

Litro Gas Home Delivery App

The essential and the main cooking source of Sri Lanka is Liquid Petroleum Gas based cooking. Providing clean LPG to the customers is the main function and the target of Litro Gas Lanka. There was no history in Sri Lanka, which added a mobile application for the distribution of Gas. Therefore, the concept was first taken into account by Litro Gas Lanka Ltd company.


To deliver gas on time and for the precise location for the consumers so it is going to be convenient for the customers.


The traditional gas distribution process in Sri Lanka is a little confusing and inconvenient. The delivery of the relevant Gas on time to the proper lotion is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, the idea of an online application is generated by Litro Gas Lanka Ltd.

How did it happen?

The delivery application, Litro Gas Home Delivery, was the FIRST application in Sri Lanka which has been launched to deliver LPG. First, the user interface was developed for the user-friendly mobile application. The application was scheduled from putting the order to the payment method and payment.

The promotion plan was made to create awareness and reach, and most especially to educate the consumers about the application. The campaign was first started with teaser posts. The mobile app was launched at Litro Head Office and the user experience was given to the public during that event.

ළඟදීම... | Stay Tuned...| மிக விரைவில்... (Teaser Post)

A video was made to show how the gas distribution was changed during three eras of Sri Lanka. The first era was the time when the gas tank was carried to the gas shop/station to fill up. The second era was shown as the time that can deliver gas by phone call. The third era is to bring the gas to the doorstep with just one click. This video was published during the launching event. Moreover, the islandwide gas dealers were invited to the launching event to get an experience with the Litro Gas Home Delivery Mobile Application.

Launch Video

Then creative content about the app was made by GEOFrenzy targeting 24 creatives for 24 districts of Sri Lanka.

Three creative videos were made introducing a new character “Gas Baba” to indicate the Gas Container to educate society about the app from downloading to purchasing the gas and making payments. These videos were made to target the language of the users.


9.3 M

Digital Impressions

3.1 M

People reach (40%)

14K +

Downloads (1st month)

9K +

Post Engagement

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