February 13, 2023

UNICEF Children’s Day AI Art Campaign

As a country Sri Lanka has been faced with a lot of inconveniences since the starting of Covid-19 as a reason for the Pandemic as well as the Economic Crisis the country is now facing. Sri Lanka has loosen knots in almost all of its sectors including, food, health and hospitality, Industries and education.

The most sensational scenario related to the Economic Crisis was, the impact of it on children which seemed to have less attention of the society. Children's basic rights of having education, basic nutrition, health, shelter and protection had been violated because of the Economic crisis which has encompassed the country. 

People need to be reminded on this matter for the sake of children and their future as they are the ones who are going to be the future of this nation. As the Native American saying, “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Therefore, we should be exceptionally responsible for A Better Sri Lanka for Every Child.

Concerning this matter, in partnership with UNICEF, we started a campaign, using new and viral technologies to wake up the teenagers and adults against the children's rights which are violated due to the economic crisis under the key message of “A Better Sri Lanka for Every Child”. The campaign commenced targeting Children's day 2022. 

We have encouraged the audience to design creative art using AI under the theme “A Better Sri Lanka for Every Child”. We have created a separate website and shared the link on UNICEF Sri Lanka Facebook and Instagram pages. The users can visit the website and submit their AI arts on that website with their name, date and a description of the AI Illustration. 

The campaign took place throughout the month under the hashtags of #WorldChildrensDay, #ForEveryChild, and #ReimagineSL

As a result we have received a vast amount of AI Designs which are incredibly creative and sensational.  As we have promised, the best AI illustrations among them were posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Azmy Usama
Age: 22
Prompt: Like A Nest, Education Protects A Child,
And With Education A Child Can Build Another Nest For Other Children

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